Gentle + Classical Primer Review

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    […] We used the Gentle + Classical Primer for nearly everything else: virtues, manners and hygiene, hymn study, Bible story, literature, nursery rhymes, poetry, art, and music. It sounds like a lot, but it was gentle and sweet and made for a lovely year. I did a full review of this program in another post. […]

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    […] an ideal world, I would have saved Gentle + Classical Primer for this year, but I didn’t know better at the time. Oops. Then I started looking at other […]

  3. Review: Hallelujah by Cindy Rollins - Laura McKinney Adams

    […] my oldest son’s pre-K year, which was also our first year of preschool at home. We used the Gentle + Classical Primer, which provided excellent scaffolding for me as I became more familiar with the philosophy […]

  4. Our Curriculum Selections for 1st Grade - Laura McKinney Adams

    […] adore composer study. We began doing it a couple years ago when my oldest was working through the Gentle + Classical Primer. Initially, I thought it would be too much for a 4 year old. My eyes were opened to the value of it […]

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    […] a baby, my oldest child was 4 years old. If we hadn’t gotten to everything I had planned for his K4 year, it would’ve been okay, because he would’ve had a lot of time to cover things again. If he had […]

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