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Our Curriculum Selections for Kindergarten and Preschool (2021-2022)

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  1. Lydia McKinney

    Great choices Laura!

  2. Danielle

    Hello! I’ve gor four myself (18mo, 3, 5, 8) and we are aiming for a Classical Christian education as well. My 2nd grader does Math U See (plus the Xtra math app for practice), Spelling You See, Logos Cursive, First Language Lessons for grammar, and we do Story of the World all together for history. We also do a little Noeo Science with the Kindergartener every few weeks (I found that it worked much better for me to do a “super science week” with Noeo. A week out of the lesson plan could easily be done in a single morning, so one week a month we do a “week” of Noeo each day. It was pricey…I’m not sure if I’ll buy the next one)
    My kindergartener does the Rod and Staff workbooks for Kindergarten and loves them. We also do Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading, and it’s what I used to teach my 2nd grader to read as well.

    My 3yo does a lot of workbooks that teach cutting and pasting skills (his favorite things to do!) and we’ll be starting to use Letter Factory to teach him his letter sounds soon.

    At the request of my children, I added an art class. I bought “Home Art Studio” and I let Mrs. Volin teach from the TV while I assist with supplies and messes. That’s once a week (when we can)

    I also just bought Song School Latin 1 secondhand, and all the kids find it fun so far. Just the dvds and music so far.

    My toddler either plays in the sunroom-converted-playroom with the 3yo, naps, or hangs out in his playpen while we do school. He’s still learning not to get into mischief as well!

    As for books, we are frequent flyers at our library and read quite a bit from there. Our most recent favorites are “Richard Scarey’s Best Story Book Ever” and “Baby Island.” Bible is memorized and discussed all day, and read aloud with Dad in the evenings.

    Thanks for sharing your curriculum and thoughts!

    1. Laura Adams

      I’m looking at using First Language Lessons and Story of the World next year when my oldest is in 1st grade. I’d never heard of Noeo Science. I’ll have to look into that! My boys both love the Letter Factory. I think my oldest especially would like Song School Latin. He really enjoys music.

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